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1. The arrangements of the show shall be in the hands of the directors, DUNDALK AGRICULTURAL SHOW SOCIETY — Class Structure & Schedule committee and sub-committee. All persons entering the show premises shall be subject to the directors of the Stewards and Secretary.

2. Every exhibit must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor in whose name it is entered.

3. Intending competitors must lodge as stated in this schedule or on Entry Form by 3rd June a complete list of their entries clearly and correctly numbered as laid out in this schedule on the official entry form.

4. No entry shall be received unless accompanied with the specific entry fees.

5. The organisers reserve the right to return entries and fees in classes that do not fill and the right to return any entry without incurring any liability.

6. The organisers shall not be responsible for any claim for compensation or otherwise, in regard to the holding of or for anything arising out of or connected with the show.

7. The decision of the Judges shall be to merit.

8. Objections or appeals on point qualification shall be considered by the organisers if lodged with the secretary, together with a €20 fee on the day the exhibit is judged.

9. The judge shall have the power to award 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes according to the merits of the exhibit, or to withhold any or all of the prizes in any class for the want of merit.

10. Points will be awarded instead of prizes where there are less than four entries.

11. All exhibits other than livestock must be delivered to the show grounds on Saturday 9am – 12noon unless otherwise specified, but in every case as may be directed by the organisers. Each exhibit must be clearly labelled, stating distinctly section and class.

12. No exhibit must be removed before 5.30pm on the day of the show without the special permission of the secretary from whom a special REMOVAL PASS must be obtained.

13. While every reasonable care will be exercised, the organisers will not be responsible for any accident, loss or damage, to any exhibit, Exhibitor, or Spectator from any cause whatever occurring at, or in transit to or from the Show.

14. Should any matter arise not provided for in these rules, such matters shall be referred to the organisers whose decision shall be final and binding. No appeal to law in any case will be allowed.

15. Definition of a farmer: A farmer shall be understood to be one who resides on or in the vicinity of his farm, working it himself, and deriving there from means of subsistence.

16. Definition of an amateur: An amateur shall be understood to be one who does not engage professionally, or in the retail or wholesale DUNDALK AGRICULTURAL SHOW SOCIETY — Class Structure & Schedule trade, in relation to the article or produce covered by any class in this schedule.

17. Passouts cannot be used after 2pm

18. 1 st Prizes animals are not eligible to compete in other classes.